The MunchLab is the brainchild of award winning chef Stries Casallo showcasing his culinary connection to his American upbringing serving carefully prepared burgers, burritos, and southern fried chicken.

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In 2020, like many other food entrepreneurs, Chef Stries Casallo was forced to shut down his restaurant and start selling online from his own kitchen.  In October 2020, Casallo Food Service Inc. was established with the original MunchLab opening in the fishing and tourist town of Bolinao, Pangasinan with the goal of serving even better fast food than the chains only available in the nearest city 45 minutes away.  It started as a cloud kitchen giving Chef Stries and his team the flexibility to experiment with different restaurant concepts and menu ideas.  Having outgrown the space, The Munchlab eventually moved to Chef Stries' hometown of Alaminos City adding dine in and continuing the goal of serving better fast food.  Every burger uses 100% beef freshly ground daily and potato and brioche buns baked by The MunchLab baking team.  The fried chickens are hand battered.  The Mexican food stays as authentic as possible with the available ingredients in the Philippines.



#3 Lheot Bldg 23 Marcos Ave, Palamis, Alaminos, Pangasinan 2404

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Dine In, Takeout, or Delivery

Everyday: 10am-8pm